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Hypnosis is a technique that allows me to help you access your unconscious mind.  Hypnosis is experienced in a way that you will gain access to dormant resources in your unconscious mind.  Here, during your hypnotization, relaxation and focus of your mind is elicited. In our Sport Hypnosis session, suggestions for changes in desirable sport behavior and attitudes that lay dormant in the unconscious mind, such as confidence, will be brought forth and then realized.  During Sport Hypnosis, we will often target the development of Mental Skills (e.g. confidence, arousal regulation, self-talk, imagery, motivation, etc...).

Although the media has portrayed Hypnosis in inaccurate ways, there is an abundant amount of psychological scientific literature along with sport science studies which confirm the efficacy of Sport Hypnosis.  To illustrate, the Journal for Applied Sport Psychology and the Journal of Human Kinetics have both published numerous studies on the efficacy of Sport Hypnosis.


 I am proud to have studied Hypnosis at the Milton Erickson Foundation.  Please see the blog page for more reflections on Sport Hypnosis.  Contact me for a free Sport Hypnosis Consultation.  Thank you.  


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