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Psycho-Therapy is a scientifically proven healing artform that Psychologist & Therapist practice in order to help others achieve their potential in life, sports, and relationships.  Psycho-therapists provide diagnosis and treatment of mental illnesses.  This includes PTSD and/or stress from traumatic life events, anxiety, depression, panic disorders, relational issues, attachment disorders, ADHD,  and mood disorders amongst other mental health issues.  The relief of clinical issues often equates in increases in  quality of life along with increases in performance.  


For example, imagine a competitive surfer who is depressed and then that depression is relieved---what do you think that  can do for his/her  performance capabilities?


Although Psycho-therapy has the utility of treating clinical issues,  it can be practiced when no clinical issue exist.  Here, increasing sport performance, exploring existential realities, and realizing one's potential are just a few examples of how psycho-therapy is utilized in non-clinical applications.  

My experience includes working with children; adults in mental health recovery programs; adults in Substance Use Disorder programs; Families;  Athletes; and Veterans.  

Please contact me if you would like to improve your mental health.  This may include relieving suffering and/or achieving optimal mental health.  

"Life will bring you pain all by itself.  Your responsibility is to create joy."  -Milton Erickson

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