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Mental Performance Coaching is an applied artform based on Sport Psychology and Sport Science. The main goal of Mental Performance Coaching is to help athletes and performers improve their performance and enjoyment.  "Mental skills" are often the bread and butter of Mental Performance Coaching.  "Mental skills" help athletes increase  their performance.  "Mental skills" include but are not limited to: Confidence, Self-Talk, Focus, Imagery, Motivation, Arousal Regulation, and Goal Setting. 


In addition to Mental Skills, athletes and performers can also benefit from Mental Performance Coaching in many other ways.  Here are a few examples: Helping develop clutch performances,  developing conditions that increase the likely hood of being in "the zone" aka "flow," Team Building; Assistance in the Development of Character via Sport; Sportsmanship;  encouraging  emotional intelligence for Sport Performance (e.g. Anger Management); increasing the efficacy Injury Rehab. via mental skills; preventing and addressing Burn-out, and assistance in creating Healthy Sporting Environments

(e.g. helping with healthy body image via the sporting environment; cultivating anti-doping sporting culture).  This list in not exhaustive.


Mindfulness for Sport Performance is an additional unique/tailored way in which I can help athletes and performers.  In mindfulness training the athlete/performer learns to live in the present moment which has a powerful impact on performance and quality of life.  Here, mindfulness practices (i.e. formal and informal meditation, and the cultivation of mindful attitudes) are taught via experiential practices.  A sport performance lens is always tailored to these mindfulness sessions.  Current research is always considered and applied.  

My experience includes working with Youth, Sponsored Surfers/Competitive Surfers, Semi-Professional Athletes, Business Professionals, and Performing Artist.


Please contact me for a free Mental Performance Coaching Consultation! Also, check out the blog page on this website for Sport Psychology and Mental Performance Coaching information.  Yew!  

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